Insurance Plans

NCA participates in plans with most major insurance companies excluding Medicaid and most Medicare Replacement plans. Insurance plans vary by provider. 

Most insurance plans require payment from the patient in the form of a copayment or coinsurance or to satisfy a deductible. Payment is required at the time of service. 

Please call our office at (804) 282-5236 to verify our participation in your insurance plan.

What Should I Do If My Insurance Changes?

Please bring your new insurance card and arrive 15 minutes prior to the start of your appointment to prevent delays. Or call our office as soon as you are aware of an insurance change, and you will be provided with an email to submit your new information. 

Missed Appointments & Cancelations

Please call our office at least 24 hours before your appointment to cancel or reschedule. Appointments canceled without 24 hours will be considered a same-day cancelation. A fee may be implemented for same-day cancelations or no-shows.  

Arriving 15 minutes past your appointment start time is considered a no-show. You are responsible for remembering your appointment date and time. As a courtesy, if a working email or phone number is on file and you elect to receive reminders, automated appointment reminders may be sent but should not be relied upon exclusively. More than three missed appointments within a year may result in discharge from the practice. 

Currently, there is a state and nationwide shortage of psychiatric providers, and many patients have to wait extended periods before they can receive psychiatric care. Due to limited access to psychiatric care, our office must receive adequate notice if you do not intend to attend your scheduled appointment so that others can receive prompt psychiatric treatment. 

Please call our office at (804) 282-5236 to reschedule appointments.

Payments & Fees

Payment is required at date of service. 

All balances must be paid in order to schedule an appointment. All telehealth visits must be paid 24-hours prior to scheduled appointment time. 

Self-Pay Rates

Fees/Extra Charges

For your convenience, we accept cash, checks, money orders and all major credit cards. Now accepting APPLE PAY!

Inclement Weather

If inclement weather causes our office to open on a delay or close for the day, it will be noted on our website under News & Announcements and on NBC12.

Emergency and Communication Policies

If you are experiencing a psychological emergency, a life-threatening emergency, or medication side effects causing shortness of breath, heart problems, severe rash, or other life-threatening concerns, please call 911 or go to your nearest emergency room. It is only guaranteed that we will be available to you during normal business hours. Medication management is managed during regular business hours only when providers are in the office. 

We are available to patients by telephone for basic inquiries requiring short responses. Any communication requiring more than 5 minutes will require an appointment. Our policy is to return phone messages within 24 hours. Messages received after noon on Friday will be returned on the next business day. 

What If I Need a Refill?

It is important to remain compliant with medications and appointments as directed by your provider.

If you cannot attend your appointment, it is essential to reschedule your appointment promptly to prevent running out of medication. Should this occur, your provider may be able to extend your prescription until your scheduled appointment; however, this is on a case-by-case basis. Providers will only fill stimulants and controlled substances prescriptions at scheduled appointments. 

If you are on a medication that is filled monthly, please contact your pharmacy to ensure that no prescription refills are waiting for you. If the pharmacy has no prescription refills available, contact our office at least three days before your medication runs out. Please be aware that if you call our office for a prescription refill, it may take up to 3 business days to complete the request

Prescriptions will only be sent to your pharmacy and refilled Monday-Friday. Prescriptions will not be refilled on holidays or weekends. Medication refills will not be guaranteed on Fridays. 

Prior Authorizations for Medications

Insurance companies may want justification from your provider as to why you need medication. Unfortunately, we cannot determine which insurance company will require prior authorization for which medication. Therefore, we rely on the patient's pharmacy to communicate this request with our office. 

The Process:

Your provider will e-prescribe your medication, and your pharmacy will contact your insurance company. Insurance companies may require Prior Authorization before they will cover the cost of a prescription. If Prior Authorization is needed, your pharmacy will request it from our office. Our office will contact your insurance company to provide the necessary information and discuss your medication history. Your insurance company may ask that you try a different medication before agreeing to approve the initially prescribed medication. Coverage is the sole decision of your insurance company and NOT the decision of Neuropsychiatric and Counseling Associates.

How Do I Request Medical Records? 

To request records, fax the request to (804) 282-5547. A fee may be implemented for record requests. Please allow five business days upon receipt of payment to complete this request.